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A Sydney café has paid $2000 compensation to an employee who was fired after she queried her pay rate. The café in Kings Cross Shopping Centre, failed to correctly pay 15 staff members. Ma Zhou was working on a skilled graduate visa when she questioned her $12 an hour wage, she wanted to know if she was being paid for all hours worked at this rate. Ms Zhou’s next shift was cancelled and she was shockingly sent an email terminating her employment.

The café paid economic and non-economic losses to the young girl and also had to back pay other members of staff. A representative from the Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said “We will take a dim view of employers who show the door to staff simply because they asked about their pay rates”. The Fair Work Ombudsman audits businesses frequently and employers need to be aware of their employment regulations. Education is a big factor here. Are you up to date on wage rates? Do you know what modern award your staff belong to? Did you know that the minimum wage has increased by 3% on the 1st July and is now at $16.87 per hour?

It is important for all Australian businesses to know their employment obligations, so that they do not face audits by the Fair Work Ombudsman and economic losses. A claim or dispute against an employer can be crippling, if you don’t know the facts fill out the form below or call Employsure today on 1300 651 415.

Certum Accountants were conscious of their obligations under Fair Work when dealing with the termination of Jody Parker. In the past, Jody’s conduct would have resulted in instant dismissal, but Certum were not about to be bullied into a hearing with Fair Work,’

As per the Fair Work guidelines, Jody was invited to attend a disciplinary hearing, where he would be given an opportunity to defend his behavior, and given an opportunity to improve his conduct.

Rather than attend these hearings, Jody obtained doctor’s certificates on 3 separate occasions over 3 weeks , and could not be forced unto attending.

Certum Accountants could not take any action during this time, and could neither dismiss Jody nor advertise for a new wmployee.

The issue was only resolved when Jody chose to resign.


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